Personal Education and Effectiveness Training Program

PSI Seminars stands as the nation’s longest running personal development company, with over 35 years’ experience in the life coaching and success seminar industry. Based in Clearlake Oaks, California, PSI Seminars offers programs nationwide that help clients focus on achieving their own personal best each day.

The PSI Seminars philosophy supports individuals in accepting personal responsibility for their own actions and results. When clients take responsibility for their actions, they are able to realize the control they have over their lives and can eliminate feelings of helplessness and resentment. When PSI Seminars students accept personal responsibility, their goals in self-expression, love, health, and wealth can become perfectly aligned.

Clients gain a thorough understanding of the PSI Seminars philosophy, which includes the notion that “givers gain” and that all humankind is one. The company strives to impart to individuals that when they create an authentic life, everyone wins.

PSI Seminars provides a variety of courses designed to improve the lives of those who take them. The Basic Seminar is a fully refundable (minus a small processing fee) beginner’s program; interested individuals may continue with additional advanced-study courses. PSI Seminars also offers courses geared toward kids and teenagers, as well as adults who want to master their own leadership skills; some seminars are gender-specific.

PSI Seminars has hosted many of the world’s leading experts on personal growth. Individuals who graduate from the company's programs find that the experience maximizes their own opportunities for success and productivity, both at home and in the workplace.

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